When Poilievre is afraid of Trudeau

When Poilievre is afraid of Trudeau


Pierre Poilievre has been chosen by the Conservatives to be the anti-Trudeau. The knight without fear and without reproach who must attack the Prime Minister head-on and unite the dissatisfied. This week, we noticed that on a theme, Pierre Poilievre will rather play the nice doggie.

The Trudeau government has presented a clear and strong vision on immigration. He wants to raise the annual targets without reservation, bringing them up to half a million in 2025. It is a proposal that will profoundly transform Canada.

The population will increase rapidly regardless of notions of integration. Quebec is stuck and isolated. The demographic and political weight of Quebec will melt away radically. French will become more and more of a minority, even disappear.

We can agree or not with this vision, but we cannot say that it is a news item without importance. It cannot be denied that years of this approach will completely transform the face of Canada and the balance of power in the country.

Fear of criticism

But Pierre Poilievre, usually so sharp in his criticisms of Justin Trudeau, was very silent on this one. I understand that the Conservatives will take refuge in taking positions on the contours of the subject.

Criticisms like: the Liberal government should have consulted more. Or: how can the Liberal government want to raise the threshold when the bureaucracy of the Department of Immigration is already bogged down?

But, on the merits, they will not say much. Is this target the right thing to do for Canada's future? Is it livable for Quebec in Canada? Shhhh! I predict that the Pierre Poilievre Conservatives will hide between the wall and the paint to not speak out.

Canada 2022

I'll tell you why. In the Canada of 2022, it is strictly forbidden to raise any questions regarding immigration. When a raise is proposed, no other answer is accepted than YES or congratulations.

Canada will receive over 400,000 immigrants this year. It's already huge. Logically, a political party could reject an increase simply by wishing to maintain the current level. But not in today's Canada. Rejecting a proposed hike will bring shame and shameful rumors to this party.

It will be portrayed as anti-immigration, despite its intention to welcome 400,000 new citizens. The accusation of being anti-immigration will eventually lead to accusations of being anti-immigrant, perhaps even intolerant.

You will be told that in Toronto and Vancouver, where the ridings are many and the votes count, you are politically buried in the face of such reproaches. As simple as that. So Pierre Poilievre will not go into this field.

On the issue of immigration, the Conservative leader will hide under the cape of Justin Trudeau. Who would have thought?

Definitely, Quebec will not have many allies in its battle. François Legault will feel alone. He will seek oxygen for his vision of Quebec nationalism in Canada.

When Poilievre is afraid of Trudeau