When the customer saw the price of sugar, he immediately captured it in a photo. This amount is out of my mind

Nothing stresses the customer in a supermarket more than an unpleasant surprise in the form of a huge price of goods.

 When the customer saw the price of sugar, he immediately captured it on the photo. This amount is beyond his head

For a long time the media has been reporting disturbing information about rising prices of various goods.

The price of sugar fell from the customer of the Poznań supermarket

Social media are still flooded with new photos concerning the effects of government inflation. Many Polish residents have already rushed to shop windows some time ago to stock up on oil, butter, sugar, flour and other products, the prices of which have significantly and drastically increased.

< p>Now O2 reports that one of the customers, wanting to buy 1 kg of sugar, had to go on a Christmas carol around the stores, because in Biedronka or in Lidl he did not experience the presence of this raw material. When he went to another place to buy one packet of sugar, he was severely shocked when he saw its price.

As it turns out, it was not the amount of less than PLN 5 per kilo that must be paid in the above-mentioned shops, but to Mr. Wiktor's surprise, sugar in another shop cost PLN 7.59. This is how much you have to pay in one of the Poznań marketplaces.

A Twitter user rightly noticed that entrepreneurs continue an ugly practice, during which a “lack” of a good is artificially created, in order to brazenly increase its price even twice – I ran out sugar … I didn't get it in Biedronka or Lidl. He is in Społem. The price blew me away. Is this a new wave of “shortage of goods”, to sell it a lot more in a moment? – asks the Internet user on Twitter.