When the president treads the hill…

When the president treads the hill...


QUEBEC – Two and a half hours before Saturday's game, President Michel Laplante is well installed on the mound of the Canac stadium and multiplies the pitches to the batters of the Capitals. It was at the request of manager Patrick Scalabrini that he was sent to the hill for training before this important playoff game. 

“It's a signal that I'm with them,” commented Laplante as he left the field, wiping a few drops of sweat. Pat texted me Saturday morning, asking if it was possible to start batting practice. I accepted immediately. When Pat asks, there's an idea around it.”

“For desperate times, it takes desperate measures,” Scalabrini admitted, smiling.


“It's to tell the players: we are all together behind you”, added the president.

Appreciated by the players

In fact, Laplante launches pre-game batting practice 10 to 15 times during a season. The players claim him, when he can…

“I've thrown a lot of [BP] batting practices in my life,” acknowledged Laplante, who once enjoyed a career as a gunner in affiliate baseball and independent leagues. In the years that I was a coach, I did it often. I think I throw good BP, guys like that.”

It remained to be seen if the Capitals players, after being limited to four hits in nine innings Friday in Ottawa, would do better on offense on a hot Saturday night at Canac Stadium.

Glaude sets the tone

First Capitals player to come up to bat, At the end of the first inning, Quebecer David Glaude set the tone by extracting a single against Titans starter José Taveras. If the ball was hit softly towards the mound, Glaude's speed allowed him to successfully reach first base.

The Quebecer then stole second base, but his teammates did not been able to push him home.