When Ukraine will be able to refuse the IMF

Ukraine is able to refuse to cooperate with the International monetary Fund (IMF) in the medium term. But now the IMF loan is needed to address problems with public debt.

Когда Украина сможет отказаться от МВФ

About this informed the head of the Verkhovna Rada Committee on Finance, tax and customs policy Danil Getmantsev in the program “Right to power” on 1+1 TV channel, reports “Hvil”.

“We’re talking about that until 2024 we can reduce the amount of public debt to 42%. Thus, under such conditions, we may repay the IMF loans and get rid of those relationships that some, and perhaps we seem aggravated,” — said the MP.

Getmantsev also added that the problem with public debt is that it is very expensive to maintain, it takes a third of the budget of the country.

“The problem is not that it’s big, it’s too expensive for a country like ours. Replacing expensive debt on the cheap, this is the solution. And the cessation of lending from the IMF in the medium term. In 2-3 years, we believe that it is possible”, — he stressed.