When will there be a super ministry of the environment?

&When will a super Ministry of the Environment?


François Legault launches a trial balloon by floating the idea of ​​a super Ministry of the Economy that Pierre Fitzgibbon could lead.

However, c Rather, it's a super ministry of the environment that Quebec needs so that our economic choices and our development projects take into account the limits of ecosystems.

Entering the 21st century< /strong>

In 2022, we can no longer afford to put the economy before the environment.

It will cost too much in natural disasters, health costs and reduced productivity.

Not to mention human lives.

Even the big proponents of economic liberalism recognize this today. You only have to read a few issues of The Economist or the publications of the International Monetary Fund (IMF) or the G7 to realize it.

Our governments must account for the environmental and social costs of their economic decisions. They alone have the power to put in place the regulatory, economic and fiscal frameworks that will make it possible to protect the population.

It is their responsibility.

The actions taken by a minority of aware people are not enough. Even if they make a difference by multiplying, we must change scale to amplify the transition.

Our economic leaders are ready

Sophie Brochu, CEO of Hydro-Québec, is one of many economic leaders who have understood the magnitude of the environmental emergency.

She has said several times that there is no room in Quebec for major energy-intensive industrial projects. Our renewable energy must be used to decarbonize the economy.

She is right.

Just yesterday, the Conseil du patronat du Québec, the Fédération des chambres de commerce du Québec and several other economic, social, labor and environmental leaders gathered within the G15+ launched a new cry from the heart for a united, prosperous recovery. and green.

Together, they plead for a Quebec “that places the economy at the service of the quality of life of its population” and that “encourages sustainable consumption and production”.

This should go without saying and be at the heart of the mission of all ministries, especially economic ones, but also of a super ministry of the environment.

The latter could dispose of the billions sleeping in the Green Fund, renamed the Electrification and Climate Change Fund, which until now has been widely criticized for its ineffectiveness.

Act now< /strong>

The global economy is changing. Inflation combined with the multiplication of crises and shortages is disrupting our access to goods and services that we took for granted.

Getting into solution mode involves tackling waste and overconsumption as a priority. Energy sobriety and material reduction are essential to truly freeing ourselves from our dependence on fossil fuels.

Tackling planned obsolescence, focusing on eco-design and the circular economy, planning, renovation and ecological construction, the conservation of natural environments, the sharing of resources, eco-taxation, etc. are all known and recognized solutions.

However, they are not yet part of the new government's economic discourse.

Mr. Legault, we need a real change economical and ecological within the first 100 days of your new mandate. You have the power to do it. We're counting on you.

À when a super ministry of the ;Environment?