When you see such cucumbers, throw them away immediately. They are highly toxic and will certainly harm you

Sometimes it happens that the silage in the pantry is lost for a longer time, How to check if the pickled cucumbers can still be eaten?

 Whenever you see such cookies, throw them away immediately. They are highly toxic and will certainly harm

Not sure if your system is broken? Pickled or low-salt cucumbers are one of the most famous dishes in the world. Whether you eat pickles as part of a salad or as a snack, there's no denying that they're delicious and popular.

Grated cucumbers are not only tasty, but also healthy. The cucumber is 96% water, so it helps to keep you hydrated. It is also loaded with vitamins and antioxidants that help fight cancer cells and protect the skin from damage.

How to recognize broken pickled cucumbers so as not to poison them?

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But as good as og & oacute hands, the higher water content in the cucumbers causes them to spoil quickly. This should also be borne in mind when storing pickled or low-salt gourds.

Many people cannot tell when the pickled cucumber has gone bad, so they accidentally eat it and get sick. If you've ever eaten a rotten cucumber, you know how terrible it can be. So how do you tell if your pickled cucumbers are broken?

Fortunately, there are some simple ways to tell if your stock is still edible.

If the food has broken, it will have a mushy consistency. Open the jar and smell it. The pickled cucumber, which is good for consumption, will have a mild aroma. If you feel anything unpleasant, they've probably already broke. In addition, a layer of mold can be seen on the surface of the pickle, which already proves that the silage is spoiled before we open the jar.

Pickled cucumbers can be stored for up to a year before opening the jar, provided they are placed in a cool, darkened area. room. After opening, they will last for several months, as long as they are all kept immersed in the brine and stored in the refrigerator.