Where in the world are not officially recorded any case of coronavirus

In the world there are still places where is not got or supposedly got the 2019 coronavirus-nCoV, writes FoxNews. Publish a list of independent States, free from the deadly pandemic as of March 28.

В каких странах мира официально не зафиксировано ни одного случая коронавируса

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According to scientists, the virus 2019-nCoV is spreading across the globe exponentially. At the moment there are more than 645 thousand cases of infection and 30 thousands of deaths. Just a week ago it was reported that the virus had reached 63 countries. Now, unfortunately, this figure dropped to 19. So what are these countries and what their population is:

  • Botswana — 2.3 million people.
  • Burundi — 10.9 million people.
  • Guinea-Bissau — 525 thousand.
  • Comoros — 814 thousand.
  • Kiribati — 116,3 thousand.
  • Lesotho is 2.2 million.
  • Malawi — 18.6 million people.
  • Palau — 21.7 thousand people.
  • Samoa — 196,4 thousand.
  • Sao Tome and Principe — 204,3 thousand.
  • Sierra Leone is 7.6 million people.
  • Solomon Islands — 611,3 thousand.
  • South Sudan — 12.6 million people.
  • Tajikistan — about 8.9 million people.
  • Tonga — 108 thousand people.
  • Turkmenistan is 5.8 million people.
  • Tuvalu — 11,2 thousand people.
  • Vanuatu — 276,3 thousand.
  • Yemen — 28,2 million people.

However, representatives of health systems and international experts warn that if a country is not reported cases of the coronavirus, it doesn’t mean that it’s really not. In some countries, still lacks tests for the detection of the virus in the other is the issue of authoritarian political foundations and repression.

For example, North Korea, bordering with the first outbreak of the pandemic, China has not taken any steps towards recognition of the existence of the virus in the country, at that time, as thousands of people already struggling with the disease. 25 March the Financial Times reported that Pyongyang is “secretly” applied to international organizations, in a desperate attempt to help control the spread of the disease.

“The government has kits for testing, but that’s not enough,” said a source.


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