Where to start to lose weight: 10 simple steps

On our weight for the most part influenced by eating habits, so the process of losing weight should start with them. But if you don’t know where to start the process of losing weight and get lost in the sea of information available will help you clear the basic steps, which amounted to a nutritionist Elena_goodfood and shared on his page in Instagram.

С чего начать худеть: 10 простых шагов

As the expert noted, it is suitable for those who only think about how to get in shape, not familiar with the concept of “proper nutrition”, and the abbreviation “kbzhu” feels awful.

So you’ve decided to lose weight. And very wisely decided to do so without compromising health and without diets, miracle pills, etc.

Where to start?

1. Analyze your diet (well a couple of days to write down everything she ate), and eliminate the most harmful harm, which carry empty calories, extra pounds and cellulite. It is: sugary drinks, yogurt, curd, ready made sauces, snacks, fast food, convenience food and pastries.

2. Sweets like candy/cupcake substitute for marmalade, bitter chocolate, candy, dried fruit

3. And white bread — whole grain or rye.

4. Is sausages baked meat will fit. Or with fish. On a sandwich the most.

5. Preparation method choose such as: baking, boiling, stewing with min. the amount of oil. A low-fat soups, better the second, chicken broth gladly eat the whole family, and there are fewer calories than fatty meat soup.

6. Try to eat every 3-5 hours. This will allow you not to overeat and eventually eat less.

7. Also remember about the water ~ 1.5 l on average.

8. Remove from sight what the unconscious stretch hand: bowls of cookies, candy, nuts, etc. on the Contrary, even in the most prominent place will be fresh vegetables and fruits.

9. Not podhodite: children, husband, cat. Sounds harsh, but this phrase make me eat free: “I am not trash, to a stack”

10. Increase domestic activity. Look for ways to move wherever possible. Instead of the Elevator-stairs. The car in the Parking lot put away from the entrance. In the morning, easy to charge etc

These simple rules will reduce the caloric intake, make a food more healthy, and not forcing ourselves psychologically, to start straineth.