Where to watch online “the Dynamo” — “Dnepr-1”: schedule of translations of matches of the 9th round of the Premier League

Где смотреть онлайн «Динамо» — «Днепр-1»: расписание трансляций матчей 9-го тура УПЛ

Program 9-th round of the championship of Ukraine on football three-game day. “Dynamo”, which after the losing streak has won three games in a row (at “malmö — 1:0, “Vorskla” — 5:0 and “Mariupol” — 1:0) on Sunday, September 29, will take on the capital’s “Olympic” rookie of the Premier League “Dnipro-1”.

Special charm to opposing teams previously encountered each other only once (in 2018, the white-Blues defeated at that time another representative of the first League Cup semi-final countries 4:1), makes the fact that the team of Dnipro is coached by former Dynamo Dmitry Mikhailenko. At the time, the specialist in the capital of the Grand seven-time champion of Ukraine and reached the semi-finals of the Champions League. Now Dmitry Stanislavovich — on the other side of the fence. In any case, the opponent wards Alexei Mikhailichenko before the trip to Switzerland for the Europa League match with “Lugano” will be worthy.

And first Friday, September 27, will find out the relationship Shakhtar, who on 1 October at the stadium “San Siro” in Milan will fight in the Champions League with the Italian Atalanta, and “Vorskla” who lost the last three meetings in the Premier League. And the bookies and experts of football do not really believe in the chances of the wards of Vitaliy Kosovo. Just remember that “Vorskla” was last selected points from the miners in the Premier League in August 2015, after which lost nine matches in a row with a total score of 7:25.

In Lviv fight, “Karpaty” and “Kolos”, which in the last two games scored only… the son of head coach Denis Kostyshin. Roman Sanjar’s charges in case of victory can overtake the team from Kovalivka in the standings. But the father and the son Kostyshina to fight surely your plans.

On Saturday, September 28, Alexandria, not involved in winning the Cup meeting with the “Diatom” (1:0) the major players will play on the home field against “Lviv”, which is the last three meetings in the Premier League lost with the same score 0:1. By the way, the team of Vladimir Sharan next Thursday will stay in the city, where they have a home match in the Europa League against Belgian “Gent”, color which protects the Roman Yaremchuk, Igor Plastun (unfortunately, due to a broken nose he was out of action) and Roman Bezus.

On Sunday one of the leaders of the Premier League “Desna” will stay at “Mariupol”, angered by defeat at the last minute Dynamo. A “Olympic”, while not losing the Spanish coach Vicente Gomez, will take on the capital’s Dynamo arena “Dawn”, which in the first eight rounds could be overcome only “Shakhtar” and “Alexandria”.

The Championship Of Ukraine. 9-th round

September 27 (Friday)

Shakhtar — Vorskla 19:00 Football 1

September 28 (Saturday)

“Karpaty” — “ear” 17:00 UNIAN

Oleksandriya — Lviv 19:30 Futbol 2

29 September (Sunday)

“Mariupol” — “Desna” 14:00 Football 1″

“Dynamo” — “Dnepr-1” 17:00 “2+2”

Olimpik — Zorya 19:30 Football 1


1. “Shakhtar” — 24 points (8 matches);

2. Desna — 14 (8);

3. “Dinamo” — 14 (8);

4. “Alexandria” — 13 (8);

5. “Dawn” — 12 (8);

6. “Dnepr-1” — 11 (8);

7. Kolos — 11 (8);

8. “Mariupol” — 9 (8);

9. Karpaty — 8 (8);

10. Vorskla — 7 (8);

11. “Lions” — 6 (8);

12. “Olympic” — 5 (8).

Photo of FC “Dynamo”

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