Where to watch online “the Dynamo” — “Karpaty”: the schedule of translations of matches of the 12th round of the championship…

Где смотреть онлайн «Динамо» — «Карпаты»: расписание трансляций матчей 12-го тура чемпионата...

After a week of European Cup matches of confrontations in Mariupol, Zaporizhzhia, Kyiv, Kharkiv and Lviv will start the second round of the championship of Ukraine on football. Dynamo, who failed to defeat in the match of League of Europe “Copenhagen” (1:1), in the native “Olympic” will play against Karpaty. Without injured Boyko, Kadar, Burda and disqualified de Foam (Lviv will not play exhausted the limit of yellow cards Palm and leased the “white-blue” Dubinchik). Recall that last season the green-whites outplayed the Dynamo in their field — 2:0.

“We will give everything in Kiev in order to bring in the lions and win to please our fans with a quality game”, — said the head coach of FC Karpaty Roman Sanjar.

Acting bronze prize-winner of the Premier League “Alexandria” went to Kharkov for a game with “Shakhtar”, leading “Dynamo” by as much as 10 points, directly from France, where in the European Cup duel broke the world with “Saint Etienne” (1:1). Last time wards of Volodymyr Sharan (due to excess of yellow cards the team will not help forward, Bezborodko) took points in the miners back in November 2017 (2:1 in Kharkov), and then suffered five consecutive defeats with a total score of 2:10.

“Mariupol” interrupted in the last round of his losing streak, will host the Premier League newcomers Kolos, who suffered from the giants (the defeat of the “Dynamo” and “Shakhtar” with a total score of 0:10). Who received the course of “dawn” in Zaporozhye will play against Vorskla, not winning for six (!) rounds in a row. At the capital’s Dynamo arena “Olympic”, left the last place in the standings, will compete with the “Dnepr-1”, which in the last three rounds did not score any points and never scored against opponents.

For three points on a visit to the outsider of the Premier League, “lions” will go to occupy the third position “Desna”. By the way, the people of Lviv can’t be beat at home since October 21 of last year — 16 (!) matches in a row.

The Championship Of Ukraine. 12-th round

October 26 (Saturday)

“Mariupol” — “Ear” 14:00 “Football 2”

Zarya — Vorskla 17:00 UNIAN

“Olimpik” — “Dnepr-1” 17:00 “Football 2”

October 27 (Sunday)

Lviv — Desna 14:00 Football 1

“Shakhtar” — “Alexandria” 17:00 Football 1

“Dinamo” — “Karpaty” 17:00 “2+2”

The standings after 11 rounds:

1. “Shakhtar” — 33 points;

2. Dynamo — 23;

3. Desna — 20;

4. Alexandria — 19;

5. Zarya — 19;

6. Kolos — 14;

7. “Mariupol” — 13;

8. “Dnepr-1” — 11;

9. Karpaty — 9;

10. “Olympic” — 8;

11. Vorskla — 8;

12. Lviv — 8.

Scorers: 11 goals — Junior Moraes (Shakhtar); 6 — taison, Marlos (both — Shakhtar), Alexander Filippov (Desna), Bogdan Lednev (dawn); 5 — Artem biesiedin (Dynamo); 4 — Carlos de Pena, Victor Tsygankov (both “Dynamo”).


Photo of FC “Dynamo”

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