Where to watch online world Cup 2019 athletics: schedule broadcasts

Где смотреть онлайн ЧМ-2019 по легкой атлетике: расписание трансляций

On Friday, September 27, in the capital of Qatar, Doha kicks off the 17-th world championship in athletics. The event was hosted by the international Khalifa stadium that can accommodate 50 thousand spectators.

Ukraine will be represented by 44 athletes who will compete in 21 disciplines. Among them — Natalia Prischepa, Olga Lyakhova, Alexander Safar, Anna Plotitsyna, Anna Ryzhikova, Serhiy Smelyk, Daniil Danilenko, Alexey Pozdnyakov, Dmitry Bikulov, Igor Porozov, Tatiana Melnik, Ekaterina Klimuk, Anastasia Bryzgina, Yana Kachur, Ivanna Avramchuk (all run at various distances), Inna Kashina, Nadezhda Bohr, Christina The., Valentine mironchuk, Helen Sobchuk, Victor Sumic, Ivan Losev, Edward Zaborenko, Marjan Sokolnicki, Ivan Baserock, Valery Litany (after all, walking 20 and 50 km), Yulia Levchenko Yaroslav Maguchy, Irina Gerashchenko, Bogdan Bondarenko and Andriy Protsenko (all high jump), Marina Kripke (pole vault), Maryna Bekh-Romanchuk (long jump), Olga Saladuha, Anna Krasutskaya (triple jump), Irina klimets, Irina Novozhilova, Elena Zamotina, Sergey Perevoznikov, Sergei Rejda, Michael Kohan (hammer throw), Natalya Semyonova (discus), Anna gatsko-Fedosova (javelin).

At the upcoming world championship organizers decided to surprise the viewers with new approaches in translation. For example, for the first time used the technology of “Block Cam” which will allow you to see the faces of the runners for a moment before they hear the starting shot, and to feel their power in the pads. Will also feature improved start video system, videoamerican for shot put and a new led scoreboard for the pit with sand, which will give viewers even more information.

Meanwhile, the international athletics Federation (IAAF) announced the amount of prize money won by the participants of the finals in their disciplines. So, for the gold, the athlete will get 60 thousand dollars, silver — 30, bronze — 20. The winners of the relay will receive the “gold” 80 thousand on the team, 40 thousand for “silver” and 20 thousand for “bronze”.

Note that at the last world Cup, held in 2017 in London, our athletes won only one medal — a silver medallist in the high jump was Julia Levchenko.

In the live broadcast of the final competition in different disciplines on the territory of Ukraine will show the TV channel “XSPORT”. Start broadcasting on Saturday and Sunday, 28-29 September, at 20:40. Also the UPS and downs of the world championship will be broadcast on the TV channel “live TV” (Russia).


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