Whether to wait for the Ukrainians reduction in the price of gas?

Not so long ago officials initiated changes to the Code of distribution networks (GDS), because of rules which has seen an increase in gas prices.

Ждать ли украинцам снижения цены на газ?

However, there are pitfalls that do not allow to enter the new rates into effect immediately.

UBR found out when all-the Ukrainians will have the “right” bills for the delivery of gas.


When planning the transition to the new rules of unbundling national Commission for regulation in energy and utilities has not provided a caveat in the Ukrainian gas law, when the consumer who, for example, has not submitted meter readings, payment is charged at the highest rate.

The victim of this norm have become consumers, who not only filed counter data, but does not consume the gas or even just checked in new buildings, that is, the gas began to consume, but the physical indications in the past “gas year”, which is tied tarifoobrazovanie, they can not be in principle. Such customers on the basis of the Code GDS began to charge you for the delivery of gas at the maximum rate.

After public outcry, the error was officials established, has been amended to allow such households, according to officials themselves, instead of paying high rates to 400 UAH minimum fare is about 20 UAH per month. However, it is not so simple.


As follows from the text of the resolution, the new “low” rates, designed NKREKU, come into force already from 1 January 2021. Thus, this whole year, those consumers who receive exorbitant bills, will have to obtain them and thus to pay until the next New year. However, the regulation itself is still not completely accepted, and experts concede that over-haste was a mistake.

“90%, I am inclined to think that this is a mistake, given the resonance that caused the whole payment system. What the fuss was raised that people were not paid, it would be strange to carry this on next year,” commented co-founder of energy strategies Yuri Korolchuk.

From 1 January 2020

Liability for negligence in connection with mistake fares, experts say, lies on NKREKU. While publicly the Commission guilty does not recognize, her rhetoric is “we quickly discovered and corrected,” testifies to this. From what some conclude that the national Commission is obliged to make recalculation of tariffs in January-February. However, the law does not permit to commit such acts.

“You have any paper, any lawyer will tell you: so what? Retroactively make recalculation impossible. The maximum that can make NKREKU to recommend. Really it’s their mistake, they didn’t see in time, because it did. If only the gas companies would not wish recalculation”, – said Korolchuk.


According to media reports from market participants, the new tariffs will come into force at the same time, when will come into force and the resolution of the national Commission in March. The gas companies are already planning bills for March with the new changes in the tariff, pending the completion of all procedures. This information is confirmed and delivered at the briefing, the head of the regulator Valeria Tarasyuk.

“We have analyzed this situation after the application of the government and quickly responded… We approved the decision. And in March these bills will be different: for consumers with a ring – 2,80 UAH who still heated water – 8,9 UAH for private homes with a comprehensive consumption – 21,9 UAH in average in the country”, – said the head NKREKU.

Thus, come March, new bills for transportation of natural gas, a recalculation of payments for January-February, most likely, will not. In this matter the law is unequivocal.

“I don’t know how to do something retroactively. Yes, there is a rule, if the GRS operators were charged an incorrect amount and it has been proven NKREKU, it may require to change it, but what in this case is this desirable? Although we can be anything. If you stand on the issue: to fix the hindsight or the position of Prime Minister, then naturally everything will be done to bills for January-February have been restated retroactively”, – said Gennady Ryabtsev.