Whether together or apart: Emma Roberts and Garrett Hedlund on a walk in Los Feliz

Paparazzi caught the actors during a joint holiday.

То ли вместе, то ли врозь: Эмма Робертс и Гаррет Хедлунд на прогулке в Лос-Фелиз

Discussing recent photo of 28-year-old Emma Roberts and 35-year-old Garrett Hedlund — the couple was photographed when they went to lunch last Wednesday.

Emma came in ultra-short Burgundy dress with open shoulders, showing others slender long legs, and Garrett chose to hide from too much attention in a loose blue jacket, cap, and sunglasses. Fans of the couple made sure that Roberts and Hedlund still together, but from past demonstration of tenderness between the lovers is not gone.