Which German method is Will Prosper talking about?

Which German method is Will Prosper talking about?


I can't understand why what I'm about to tell you about hasn't become a scandal for a few days. The events are reported to us by Mario Girard of La Presse. They took place as part of a public speech, in Montreal, supposed to fight against the language of wood.

Will Prosper, the famous activist “anti-racist”, did it his way. Confessing his bad mood about the election results, and deciding to blame it on the old people, he wondered how to get rid of it, before considering “the German method”.  ;


No matter how hard I rack my brains, I see only one meaning in this statement: Will Prosper, the anti-racist activist, wants to liquidate the older generation by gassing it. Did he also think of the crematory ovens to make the bodies disappear? They too participate in the German method.

Mario Girard reports that the room felt a real uneasiness. We can understand. To appeal to the methods of the Nazis to put an end to those who vote otherwise than themselves is not insignificant. However, I haven't heard from anyone since the article was published. Is it because Will Prosper is associated with the Projet Montréal movement? Is it because he is a member of a visible minority and has been deemed theoretically incapable of racism?


I will be told that Will Prosper did not really mean that. So I ask: what did he mean?

I will be told that he made a joke. So I ask him to confirm it. We also wonder if someone who does not have his profile could say something similar without being immediately banned from public life?  

In Quebec, we can envisage the genocide of old Quebecers, and if you belong to a protected group, you won't even be blamed for it.

Which German method is Will Prosper talking about?