Which professions in Ukraine are the highest paid

Ukrainian employers are willing to pay high salaries to the most sought-after employees. For this portal hh.ua made a list of the top 5 jobs that pay 50 000 UAH.

Какие профессии в Украине самые высокооплачиваемые

The five most highly paid job were:

Media buyer, traffic manager, deal with arbitrage — salary from 50 000 UAH. To obtain this position, one must possess these skills: the mechanisms of social media, have experience in planning, developing and launching advertising campaigns, as well as knowledge metrics CPA/CPI/CPM/LTV/ROI/CR/CTR. Added to this are the additional requirements: have a clear life position, ability to notice details and have a delicate taste.

Flight attendants — wages from 65 000 UAH. The profession of stewards and flight attendants belong to one of the most unusual and exciting. Duties include maintaining control, order and cleanliness on Board, meeting and accommodation of visitors, definitely the knowledge of foreign languages (English primarily). You need to have good stress tolerance, punctuality, ability to find common language with people, responsible for themselves and passengers in flight.

Production Director — salary from 70 000 UAH. Duties include full maintenance of production and execution of his performance, higher product quality at lower cost, control of equipment and launching of new products. Also requires good experience and higher education, mandatory, employers will be pleased to find additional diplomas of advanced training courses, seminars, conferences, etc.)

Leading agronomist — salary of 80 000 UAH. Knowledge of: regulations, directives, orders, other guidelines and regulations parent and other bodies relating to matters of agricultural production and industrial and commercial activities Department (farm, agricultural plots), as well as the basics of Economics, organization of production, labor and management, wage system, material and moral incentives, methods of work. It is desirable to know English.

Game developer — salary from 90 000 UAH. Development, optimization and implementation of new functionality, rendering and modeling. The presence of all skills ensures a high salary. Necessarily knowledge of English and at least 5 years of experience.

As can be seen from the list, the main thing is to have a good experience and marketable skills in their field to qualify for a good salary.