White Christmas: in what States weather forecast Christmas will resemble a winter Wonderland

If you want to see outside the window the snowy tale of a festive film, waking up on Christmas morning, is to go to the North or West of the USA, or choose to your am at Christmas location, located on a hill, recommends Fox News.

White Christmas: в каких штатах погода в Рождество будет напоминать зимнюю сказку

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As you approach the big day meteorologists monitor historical trends and predictive models to answer the main question over the festive season: “we will Have white Christmas?”

What is white Christmas?

“White Christmas (White Christmas) is defined as 1 inch (2.5 cm) or more of snow on the ground Christmas morning” according to the National weather service in des Moines, Iowa.

Researchers from the climatic data Center National oceanic and atmospheric administration have collected data for three decades to estimate what part of the country have the best chance to obtain such a festive morning.

What are the historical chances of a white Christmas?

When considering data for the period from 1981 to 2010, researchers from NOAA to map the “Historical probability of a white Christmas”, where dark gray shows places where the probability is less than 10%, and white — the probability of more than 90%.

White Christmas: в каких штатах погода в Рождество будет напоминать зимнюю сказку

Photo: NOAA Climate.gov

The best places in the contiguous United States where you can see white Christmas, include a large part of Idaho, Minnesota, Maine, Northern new York, where the odds increase to more than 80%. In the Allegheny mountains in Pennsylvania and West Virginia, there exists approximately a 50% chance.

Other places with a high probability to see a white Christmas include the Rocky mountains and the Sierra Nevada on the West.

According to researchers at NOAA, if you are looking for the best city in which to spend Christmas, feel free to choose aspen, Colorado is one of a dozen places where the historical likelihood of a white Christmas is 100%.

Winter will likely be warmer, but there are “large variations” in temperature and precipitation, NOAA said.

White Christmas: в каких штатах погода в Рождество будет напоминать зимнюю сказку

Photo: NWS Des Moines

“Although the map shows the climatological probability of snow-covered land on December 25, the actual conditions this year may differ from these probabilities because the existing weather conditions will determine if there is snow on the ground or hitting any snow for Christmas. These probabilities are useful only as a guide to show where snow on the ground is more likely,” reports the service.

What the forecast says about the chances this year?

While the storm in November has led to the abundant amount of snow in the mountain regions and bands from the Midwest to the northeast, forecasters say this year’s warming negates the chances of a white Christmas.

Dr. Joel Myers, CEO of AccuWeather, recently told Fox News that although snow is “quite extensive” a week before the holiday, the snow precipitation is likely to “disappear” in places like Missouri and Ohio valley in time for Christmas.

White Christmas: в каких штатах погода в Рождество будет напоминать зимнюю сказку

Estimated snow cover for the entire United States as of December 18, 2019. Photo: The National Weather Service

According to AccuWeather, historically, atmospheric environment had a storm system passing through the Christmas along the corridor of I-95, but higher temperatures prevented any accumulation of snow. A similar set of conditions exist this year, resulting in the recent storms, mostly accompanied by rain or wintry mix of sleet and freezing rain instead of snow.

According to Myers, in the North-East in the big cities will not be a white Christmas, as in southern Connecticut, while Boston, the situation is not so obvious.

Arctic air may bring some snow with ice in the Great lakes and a snow storm in new York a week before Christmas, but any snow will not remain for a long time, as the weekend will become warmer.

Further to the West, the Chicago area has “the edge” a chance to see snow on the ground Christmas morning, while the Upper Middle West, including Dakota, Minnesota, Wisconsin and Northern Michigan has great chances of a white Christmas. Myers explained that in these places “is much more snow” this year. According to AccuWeather, elsewhere on the plains, the probability is less than 50%, especially in the Central and southern regions.

In the Rocky mountains and Cascades will also be “a lot” of snow, but Myers said that in places like Denver probably won’t be a white Christmas.

Travelers during the Christmas holidays waiting for much better conditions than during the thanksgiving, when a severe storm caused all kinds of traffic chaos.

On Christmas eve in the southwest is expected to rain and snow in the mountains. In addition, in the North-West will be dry conditions, while mild weather will spread to the rest of the country. In Northern New England possible light rain showers, but generally precipitation is very limited in order to bring new snow.