Who are Russian without education in the United States: experiences of immigrant

Many Russians are thinking about moving to America, but they are often stopped by the fact that our education in the United States is not listed. The author of the channel “Travel through” on “Yandex.Zen” tells what you can to work States without an education – and it is quite good to earn. Hereinafter in the first person.

Кем работают русские без образования в США: опыт иммигрантки

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Here I am talking about the waiters, maids, sales assistant, assistant chefs, cleaners. In short, about all the professions that we encounter every day and which do not require special skills. Educated at the American University here, too, is not necessary.


Taking care of children is very important, and in the USA a very popular profession of a nurse. Usually Russian nurses (especially when English is not very good) hire a Russian family, but it’s even better: you can chat in your native language and pay the Russians as well as Americans.

The field of beauty

Almost all of the inhabitant of the USA visit beauticians, massage, Spa treatments and, of course, hairdressers and masters nogotochkami. And no matter how much I communicated with Americans, everything they extol Russian masters and prefer to visit them. A very good way of earning!


When I first, still a student, came to America, I had a work permit. But I have met many a Russian who worked without any permission, receiving a salary “in envelopes” and normal, I must say. Often this work can be found in immigrants from the CIS.

“Migration of brains”

In the US there is the so-called “genius visa”. Provided that you’re useful to the country in the role of scientist, inventor, or even a person of art, America is ready to take you on the rights of the citizen. A way to find work is respected, however, it needs to be not just a hard worker.


Today, this method is rather ironic – and thank God, it’s not the nineties. But it still exists, it’s no wonder America is still possible to hear the expression “Rashn mafia”, which means “Russian mafia”.

The original column published in the blog “Travel through” on “Yandex.Zen”

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