Who: coronavirus may be an ongoing infection that kills people every year

Perhaps the coronavirus will never disappear and will simply join the viruses that are killed every year people all over the world, said on 13 may, Dr. Mike Ryan, Executive Director of emergencies, world health organization, writes CNN.

ВОЗ: коронавирус может стать постоянной инфекцией, убивающей людей каждый год

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“Coronavirus could become another endemic virus, and will never disappear. HIV has not disappeared,” said Ryan.

“I’m not comparing the two diseases, but I think it’s important to be realistic. I don’t think anyone can predict when will the disease disappear, and will disappear whether it is,” added Ryan.

“We may have a chance to eradicate the virus with a vaccine, but this vaccine needs to be in access, it should be very effective, it must be suitable for everyone, Ryan said. The disease can develop into a long-term problem, but it may not be.”

However, according to the epidemiologist of the who communicable diseases Dr Maria van Kerkhove, the future of the coronavirus does not have to be bleak.

“The trajectory of the outbreak is in our hands,” said van Kerkhove during a briefing on may 13.

“The international community has come together to work in solidarity, she said. We have seen how countries control this virus. We have seen how countries have taken measures in the field of public health.”

Who Director-General Dr tedros adhanom Gebreyesus echoed the opinion of van Kerkhove and added: “We must all contribute to ending this pandemic.”


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