Who could not resist the girl walked through town with a camera on his chest

Кто не удержался: девушка прошлась по городу с камерой на груди

The girl had an unusual experiment, attaching to the chest of the camera and walking around the city. The corresponding video was published on YouTube channel of Chris Zelig.

The girl from new York named Whitney Zelig decided to walk the streets of the metropolis in a jacket with pretty open neckline and a hidden camera in this area.

The device has captured people’s reactions to the appearance of a girl in the subway, a cafe on times square.

Then the video with a hidden camera mounted by selecting those people who stared at the Breasts of the heroine.

Selig admitted that he was surprised to see the result of shooting. It turned out that the chest drew the attention of not only men, but also couples, single women, entertainers in costumes and even a dog.

It is worth noting that the video was filmed in order to remind women about the importance of regular visits and mammography examination of the breast.