Who elevated the risk assessment of the global spread of the coronavirus to the maximum

The world health organization (who) raised the risk assessment of the coronavirus at the global level to “very high”. This writes RIA “Novosti”. This is the highest level of risk in the gradation of the who.

ВОЗ повысила оценку риска глобального распространения коронавируса до максимальной

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This was stated by who Director-General Dr tedros adhanom Ghebreyesus at the press conference.

However, the Executive Director of the who Programme on emergency health Michael Ryan stressed that the current data do not allow us to consider the coronavirus pandemic. He explained that this term applies when any person in the world will be exposed to the virus.

In addition, Ghebreyesus added that the first results of vaccines against the disease are expected in a few weeks.

“More than 20 vaccines being developed in the world and several drugs are under clinical study,” he said.

As of 14:00 PM Eastern time on February 28, the number infected with the coronavirus outside of China has reached 5044 in the world, died 79 people.

According to Gebreyesus, last night China reported 329 cases of infection, which was “the lowest figure for the month.”

The number of infected in mainland China is close to 79 thousand people died 2778, cured more than 36 thousand.

2019 coronavirus-nCoV can be spread in most, if not all countries of the world, said the representative of the world health organization Christian Lindmeier. Several countries on Friday announced the first infected, as Pope Francis works from home because of malaise, writes the BBC.

Damage to the world economy from the coronavirus was five trillion dollars. Financial markets around the world fall for the sixth day in a row amid fears of traders and investors that the outbreak of coronavirus Covid-19 will undermine the world economy.

The situation in the world

Covid-19 spread in all the world’s continents except Antarctica.

On Friday, February 28, the first cases of infection in its territory has declared Nigeria and New Zealand.

Nigeria became the first country South of the Sahara desert, which registered the infection. The virus was found in an Italian, who arrived in Lagos from Milan. According to the Minister of health of Akinola of Abayomi, the patient is in stable condition, the symptoms of the virus manifest in the form of light. According to Abayomi, the government intends to track down all who had any contact with the patient.

The first ill in New Zealand for 60. Name, gender and nationality of this person is not called. It is known that the infected came from Iran and is now in quarantine in a hospital in Auckland.

The President of Mongolia, Khaltmagiin Battulga isolated itself for two weeks, returning from a trip to China where he met with XI Jinping. Battulga became the first head of state to visit China after the outbreak Covid-19.

South Korea remains second in the number of cases country after China. On Friday, the number of infected in the country rose by 315 — up to 2337. Seoul’s residents have resorted to extraordinary measures in order not to get infected.

In Azerbaijan, the coronavirus was discovered at the Russians coming into the country from Iran.

In Belarus and Lithuania recorded the first cases of infection with coronavirus.

Georgia reported the second case of infection. According to the Director of Infectious diseases hospital of Tbilisi Tengiz Tsertsvadze, this 31-year-old woman who traveled to Italy with a group from Georgia. In the first case it was the man who had visited Iran and returned to Georgia by land via Azerbaijan. It became known yesterday that the unrecognized Republic of South Ossetia has completely closed the border with Georgia.

In the Netherlands recorded two new cases. One was diagnosed in Amsterdam, the second in Tilburg, in the South of the country. Cases not linked, officials say. They are both quarantined.

In Switzerland canceled the annual auto show Geneva Motor Show, considered one of the most prestigious in the automotive industry.

In Britain, reported three new cases of infection with coronavirus — the total number of cases in the country reached 19 people. In Japan died of the disease a British citizen, who was a passenger on the cruise liner Diamond Princess — he became the first foreign citizen from the ship who died from the virus. The other five are Japanese.

The Pope is working from home

Pope Francis has canceled a number of events and working from home because of lung ailments, said in the Vatican. Earlier this week, during the service, dad was a noticeable cold symptoms.

83-year-old Pontiff was coughing in the service on the occasion of Ash Wednesday, the first day of lent. Before the service, Pope Francis talking with people, shaking their hands.

Pope Francis rarely cancel events, according to the associated press. In his youth, the Pope lost part of a lung due to illness.

In a statement, the Vatican referred to the 2019 coronavirus-nCoV or disease Covid-19, which it causes.

Italy surrounding the Vatican city, becomes the focus of the spread of coronavirus in Europe. February 23, the country has introduced emergency measures. Russian operators refuse to sell tours to Italy, and the British low-cost airline EasyJet has partially canceled its flights to that country.

According to official data, in Italy at the moment, 655 of infected and 17 deaths.

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