Who go to work and earn much Russian-speaking immigrants in the United States

Coming to another country is sometimes hard to find a job, especially without knowing the language or having no education. The author of the blog “let’s Go to America?” on “Yandex.Zen,” said, who go to work Russian-speaking immigrants in the United States.

Кем идут работать и сколько зарабатывают русскоязычные иммигранты в США

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Hereinafter in the first person.

Not every employer will accept a diploma from post-Soviet countries in the United States. It is necessary also to confirm.

But that’s a different story and path through a formal request to the employer and translation of the diploma, and only if your education and profession are needed there and relevant, and it’s mostly the doctors and programmers.

Today I’ll tell you who often go to work with Russian-speaking immigrants in the United States.


Because Americans are very often moving, it is necessary to transport and carry all this furniture and their personal belongings.

Sometimes here and give a tip that a nice bonus. Bonus because they are very small. And give not all.

The salary directly depends on how many will peretoskali. And how many families move. The average comes out to about $3 000 per month. But there is a very strong turnover due to the physical work.


Not only catering, but also documents. Work is not dusty. And not complicated. Usually here you need to have your own car. Or at least an e-bike.

Because so many feet pass no one will stand, and the distances are very large. The city is scattered because of odnoetazhnaja of the country.

Less spending on gasoline is slightly more than $2 000.

Waiters and cooks

This includes everything related to restaurants and cafes. Cooks, cleaners and waiters.

Especially just to be a waiter. Which is a plus — it is always customary to leave a 20% tip. So if a lot to go on shift, it is possible to have an income of up to $3 000.

And the one from the physical

Builders. They are needed everywhere. All under construction and rapidly developing countries. Like everywhere they are exploited mercilessly and paid for.

But the pay is good. Approximately $3 500 per month.

And the most favorite

The most beloved profession among men – taxi drivers.

Auto here you can buy quite a inexpensive. Because the entire country is on the machines and find a good and cheap here easier.

But the prospects of a taxi driver – Uber. And the pay is good, and the ability of the tip has not been canceled. And if still the car to get an electric, it will come out about $4 000 per month.

Sellers in stores and consultants has not been canceled. They earn about $2 000 per month.



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