Who: healthy people should wear masks only if they are caring for a person with coronavirus

The world health organization (who) recommends that healthy people, including those who have no symptoms COVID-19, to wear masks only if they are caring for a person infected with coronavirus. This contrasts sharply with the recommendations of the American officials, who recommend that all wear masks outside the home. This writes Fox News.

ВОЗ: здоровые люди должны носить маски только, если они ухаживают за человеком с коронавирусом

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“If you have no respiratory symptoms such as fever, cough or runny nose, you don’t need to wear a mask, says Dr April Baller, an expert on public health who. Masks should only be used by healthcare professionals, caregivers, or people who are sick.”

Who recommendations differ from the recommendations of the Centers for control and prevention (CDC), which encourage people to wear protective masks in public places, regardless of whether they are infected or not, to limit the spread of the virus.

“We now know from recent studies that a significant proportion of people with early stages there are no symptoms and that even those who do eventually develop symptoms, can transmit the virus to others before you show symptoms, said the CDC. In light of this evidence, CDC recommends wearing a cloth facial covering in public places where it is difficult to maintain other measures of social distancing”.

Baller noted that masks may give people a “false sense of protection”, and noted that patients should wear them to prevent transmission to others.



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