Who is the new chosen Lavici after divorce with Vova Borisenko

More than a year ago Ukrainian artists of Lavik (Love Yunak) and Vova Borisenko divorced. For a long time they did not advertise personal life, but recently Lavik told the audience that he had met a new love.

Кто стал новым избранником Лавики после развода с Вовой Борисенко

Since September 2019, the singer meets a composer named Ivan Taiga. About this lovers announced on the social network Facebook. The man was not very active in social media, so all we know is that he’s 33 years old and he was born in Russia but lives in Kiev.

Together they pojulytsja in public (recently, for example, to attend the wedding of Vlad Darwin), do not hide warm feelings towards each other and look happy.

Note that the wedding Lavici and Vova Borisenko became known in the fall of 2018. At a time when the pair secretly filed for divorce.