Who Miley lost: harsh Liam Hemsworth on the set of the new series

Liam Hemsworth breakup with Miley Cyrus finally returned to work. Now the actor is working on a series of Dodge and Miles, which plays a major role.

Кого Майли потеряла: суровый Лиам Хемсворт на съемках нового сериала

Photos from the filming of the series look really impressive. The project is called “militant, adrenaline-filled,” so there is nothing surprising in the fact that in the pictures the fans saw the bloodied and beaten Hemsworth. During the filming of the actor is not only involved in the fights ― there are photos in which of the Hemsworth hit by a car a taxi.

In the story the character of Liam (Dodge), desperate to take care of his pregnant wife before he can die from a terminal illness, decides to participate in a deadly game. Soon the hero finds that the game he is not a hunter, but prey. The series explores the question, how far can you go in the fight for family and private life. It is also known that the enemy’s Liam Hemsworth in the series, will play Christoph waltz.

Liam Hemsworth took a break because divorce has been tough with Miley Cyrus. He spent time at home in the company of people close to him. The actor saw his ex-wife mother of his children, so after the breakup he needed time to recover from the incident and to recover, according to insiders.