Who: most people with asymptomatic coronavirus do not contribute to the spread of infection

The representatives of the world health organization stated that patients with coronavirus without symptoms do not contribute to the spread of the virus. It questioned the fears of some scientists that the disease may be difficult to contain due to asymptomatic distributors. This writes CNBC.

ВОЗ: большинство людей с бессимптомным коронавирусом не способствуют распространению инфекции

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Some people, especially young and healthy people infected with coronavirus, symptoms never develop or develop only mild. Other symptoms may not be manifested.

Preliminary data on the early outbreaks showed that virus can be transmitted from person to person, even if the carrier did not have symptoms. But who officials now say, though, is the place to be asymptomatic spread, it is not the main mode of transmission of coronavirus.

“According to available data, it is rare to meet someone with asymptomatic disease,” said Dr. Maria van Kerov, head of the who, new diseases and of zoonotic diseases, at a briefing in the UN.

The government’s response should be aimed at identification and isolation of infected people with symptoms and tracking anyone who was able to contact them, said Wang Kerchove. She acknowledged that some studies indicate that asymptomatic spread in nursing homes and at home.

Van Carhow added that the “true answer” to the question of whether the coronavirus is widely spread through asymptomatic carriers required more research and data.

“We have a number of reports from countries that conduct a very detailed contact tracing, she said. — They follow asymptomatic cases. They keep track of contacts. And they find no secondary transmission. It happens very rarely”.

If asymptomatic, the spread will not be a major factor in the transmission of coronavirus, policy implications can be huge. In the report of the Centers for control and prevention of diseases (CDC), published on 1 April, it was stated that “the potential for asymptomatic transmission” is the reason for the importance of social distancing.

“These statistics indicate that to control the pandemic may not be enough to limit contacts to people with symptoms, because people without symptoms can transmit the infection”, the study says the CDC.

Certainly, asymptomatic spread of the virus, apparently, is still happening, said Wang Kerchove, but this is rare. This conclusion is important in order to track the virus and limit its spread.

“We really want to focus on cases with symptoms, said Wang Kerchove. — If we actually followed all cases with symptoms were isolated, these cases followed the contacts and isolate those contacts, we would have drastically reduced flash”.


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