Who: the world has entered a dangerous new phase of the spread of coronavirus

The world has entered a dangerous new phase of the spread of the coronavirus in the background of the aspirations of the countries to restore economic and social activities and to relax the restrictive measures, said the General Director of the world health organization (who) tedros adhanom Ghebreyesus, writes “Interfax”.

ВОЗ: мир вступил в новую опасную фазу распространения коронавируса

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“The world is now in a new dangerous phase. Many people, understandably, are tired of sitting at home. Of the country, for obvious reasons, seek to restore economic and social activities”, — said the head of the who at a press conference.

“But the virus is still spreading rapidly. It still leads to death, and the majority of people vulnerable,” he added.

According to him, the who Thursday, June 18, received the data about more than 150 thousand new cases of coronavirus, which was a record daily figure since the start of the pandemic. Gebreyesus noted that about half of these cases occur in North and South America, and the pandemic continues to spread in South Asia and the middle East.

“We encourage all countries and all people to be extremely vigilant. Continue to keep your distance, stay home if you feel unwell, and continue to wear masks when necessary, and wash up,” he said.

According to the portal Worldometers, since the beginning of the outbreak in the world recorded 8 600 000 cases COVID-19, more than 457 thousand people died. More than 4 500 000 recovered.

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