Whom you work and how much you get in the US Russian-speaking immigrants with no experience

“I was in the US 10 times and almost every year I come back for the summer. You want to talk about the new arrivals of Russian immigrants, and also about where they work and how much you get,” writes the author of the blog “America under the microscope” on “Yandex.Zen”.

Кем работают и сколько получают в США русскоязычные иммигранты без опыта

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Hereinafter in the first person.

In Russia there is a certain category of people who want to go to the States, but remain in the same place, where it sat all his life. In my experience, only 2-3% of them go and really try to begin life anew in the United States. But immediately they encounter the first difficulties – you need to work and earn their bread, because whatever amount of money you came in here – she quickly leaves.

Where I work the Russian visitors who have no experience in the United States

If you have no experience in the US, or very little, you should not expect to go on a big experience in his native country. No matter where you worked in Russia, because in the States these data are not checked. Because to tell you anything, but it does not matter.

Immigrants appreciate only two criteria. First – skills second – the hard work and the desire to vpahivat for the amount for which the American will not work.

Suitable work: the loader for moving the loader to the construction site, foreman, waiter, merchandiser in Russian or Mexican stores. If you’re lucky – manage to get to the sink or in the garage, there the conditions better.

How to get

Half or even 60-70% just arrived Russian receive no more than $2 000-$2 200 a month if we are talking about new York. These are real numbers. Keep in mind that apartments for rent in a normal area costs between $1 700 with utilities, Laundry and Parking. That is to eat remain mere pennies, whereas in the US, especially in new York, the food is very expensive, but good and useful – even more expensive.

But once again I want to emphasize that we are talking about newly arrived immigrants without work experience in USA, over time the conditions and level of pay can improve if the good of oneself.



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