Whoopi Goldberg lives alone because he is afraid of commitments

American actress Whoopi Goldberg has admitted that he prefers to live alone because he is afraid of commitments, she’ll have to take in the event of a partner. His revelations star shared with the publication USA Today.

Вупи Голдберг живет одна, поскольку опасается обязательств

According to the actress, when a person starts to live when he should ask the opinion of a partner, listen to him and discuss something. Whoopi Goldberg admitted that she did not want to do and do not want also to share with anyone their money. The artist understands that it’s awful, but to do nothing. According to 64-year-old star, she was married three times, but now she had enough of society’s cat Oliver, who is 20 years old.

On its independence Whoopi Goldberg stated earlier. In an interview from 2016, she said she feels more happy when living alone. At the same time she can spend with whoever he wants as much time as you want, but categorically does not want, that someone lived in his house.