Why aeration fans so quickly destroyed teeth

I love soda full of people consuming soft drinks, the teeth decay faster than those whose weight exceeds the norm, said scientists from king’s College London. The study is published in the journal Clinical Oral Investigations.

Почему у любителей газировки так быстро разрушаются зубы

Scientists have identified an Association between overweight, consumption of soft drinks and accelerated tooth decay.

The fact that the number of reasons obese people often have increased the acidity of the oral cavity. If a person regularly drinks soda, the acidity level increases even more, which leads to the thinning of the tooth enamel.

Dentists have noticed that patients who are overweight tooth enamel is destroyed very quickly. Teeth also become more sensitive to hot and cold food.

This is usually attributed to the fact that such patients often suffer from gastritis with high acidity and other gastrointestinal diseases.

— It is the acidic nature of certain beverages, such as carbonated drinks and acidic fruit juices lead to tooth wear. This information is for patients who are obese, who consume sour sweetened beverages, the study says.

From premature wear of the teeth, associated with thinning of the enamel, affecting up to 30 percent of Europe’s population, the researchers note.