Why Americans are buying guns and ammunition during a pandemic coronavirus

71-year-old Ralph Charette said that he bought Saturday, the rifle and the ammo to protect yourself and your family, as a wave of panic about the coronavirus was spreading throughout the country, writes USA Today.

Почему американцы скупают оружие и боеприпасы во время пандемии коронавируса

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Charette, a military veteran, spent $ 1500 in the gun shop in Germantown, Wisconsin, after being faced with aggressive customers and empty shelves at local grocery stores.

Now, if the robbers will knock on his door, he will be ready, said the man.

“There are so many insecurities and paranoia, but you have to protect yourself,” said Charette.

Charette is one of a growing number of Americans who go to retail stores, pawn shops and online stores to buy weapons and ammunition because of the panic about the pandemic of 2019 coronavirus-nCoV.

The hysteria associated with the rapid spread of the disease, leading some to stock products and toilet paper in case they will be sent to quarantine. This also leads many to worry about the shortage of the supply of weapons, which leads to increased demand and leads to long queues at suppliers. When looking to buy your own guns, see here the best rifle scope reviews.

On the morning of 15 March, before the opening of the weapon shop Martin Retting Guns in CULVER city, California, there was a long queue. People said that before the queue was very long and lasted around the block, so they decided to come back and try again.

Many said that looking for additional protection, primarily ammunition, in case the pandemic will lead to the closure of most businesses.

The trend continued at the Turner’s Outdoorsman store in TORRANCE, California, to open.

“People are scared, said drew Plotkin from Los Angeles. — In the world a lot of panic and people want to be protected for the worst case.”

In new castle, Delaware, 22-year-old Emily Ken bought ammunition for his 9-millimeter gun before “prepping for doomsday” will be able to buy all the inventory, she said.

“It is better to be ready than not ready,’ said Ken. I already stocked with food. Ammunition was just the next step.”

While large-scale stocks were sold in specialty stores, in recent weeks more and more people went online to order guns online. Online store ammunition Ammo.com has witnessed rapid sales growth since the end of February that the company explains public concern about pandemic coronavirus.

“We know that certain things affect sales of ammunition, mostly political events or economic instability, when people feel that their rights may be violated, but this is our first experience with the virus, leading to this increase in sales,” said marketing Manager Alex Horsman.

The website reported a 68% confidence surge in sales in the period from mid-February to early March. Orders online was at its peak in North Carolina and Georgia. However, the purchase of ammunition has also increased in Florida, where more than 100 confirmed cases COVID-19, and in new York, where more than 700 cases of illness.

Retailers also limit the amount of ammunition that people can buy in the deficit.

62-year-old Greg Reynders bought 250 rounds, the largest stockpile of weapons allowed in St. Louis in connection with the growing demand. He also bought a 9-millimeter handgun to protect yourself in case someone tries to steal his products in case of a possible deficit.

“Right now local stores have a small supply of toilet paper, water and the like, said Reynders. But if they don’t restock as fast as people want, my main concern is if someone comes to me and tries to take what I bought.”





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