Why Americans do not like Russian: the opinion of our immigrant

“I recently read that turns out to be Russian tourists who stay in hotels and visit restaurants in the United States, generally do not leave a tip,” writes the author of the blog “Alexander Safaryan” on “Yandex.Zen”.

Почему американцы не любят русских: мнение нашего иммигранта

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Further — the first person

In the US it is considered bad form and insulting. How would you say that you don’t like the service, kitchen and restaurant. It turns out that the Americans are building such customers are not very good opinion.

But judge for yourself, on the other hand, in the USA it is customary to leave a tip 10-30% of the check, usually leaves amount for a tip of $10-25. Not only that, in Russia, Belarus, Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Armenia and other CIS countries has not decided to leave “tea”, and translated to the local currency, the amount is quite significant.

The money that you can live for several days, and if you try, you and week. So, it turns out that Russian-speaking immigrants can’t leave a tip either physically or psychologically.

But this does not apply to immigrants from the CIS who already live in the US, they are accustomed to the local “laws” and usually leave “tea”. When Ksyusha go to institution, be sure to leave a tip, otherwise, an awful feeling in my soul will not leave us. I also leave the tea when cut, and the Valet when he parks the car.

Advice to all tourists — if $15-25 lot to you, leave at least $2-3. This is not poorer, but any service man will be pleased. So, I hope to gradually change the view of the Russian. Because the issue is not the amount, but for attention.



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