Why Andrei Danilko left of the Gel

Actress Radmila Shchegoleva, best known for playing the Gels told about why you left the “SV-show” and was on the verge of life and death. This was written by the newspaper “KP in Ukraine”.

Почему от Андрея Данилко ушла Геля

The actress said that she was going to leave the project for a year, but did not dare. She allegedly taunted him and tried to convince myself that she was interested. “Actually I was not interested,” — said Shchegolev.

After leaving the “SV-show” actress was ill and even, in her words, was between life and death. This disease it schtaet punishment for his indecision.

After retiring from the project, Shchegoleva managed to maintain good relations with Andrey Danilko. “We communicate. Mostly on the phone. He always was friendly to me and I to him. It was arranged for me during our joint work”, — said “Gel”. At the same time, she admitted that Danilko was difficult to work with, because he kept his team in a rigid framework.

“What had to be done on stage, rehearsals, everything was serious. Despite this, the team prevailed easy creative atmosphere. I left not because someone spoiled, just Andrew was captivated by the music than theater,” said Radmila.

In her confession with the staff of the show, she was not interested. The actress talked with just three people: Andrei Danilko, sound engineer Andrew Ristanovi and designer Igor Dremlyuk.

About the fact that the “SV-show” Shchegoleva survived Inna Belokon, playing the mother of Verka Serduchka, Radmila said that it is impossible to survive.

“Bad people in my life come across. It was just other people: my interests do not coincide with their interests never coincide. Maybe I was uncomfortable in the team, because I’m a loner”, — summed up Radmila Shchegoleva. According to the actress, it is unacceptable for restaurants and clubs, because such a life is bad for the body.