Why Apple recommends that the service, created in Odessa Khrushchev

Vice President of marketing of the company that created Readdle and other well-known applications Denis Zhadanov performed on the stage of the international summit Laboratory Online Business from 2019 GeniusMarketing. The speaker told how the company has managed to create and develop applications that are downloaded over 100 million times. This writes the MC.Today.

Почему Apple рекомендует сервис, созданный в одесской хрущевке

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Hereinafter in the first person.

It all started with Steve jobs. When in 2007 he came on stage and showed the world the iPhone, it was a real revolution.

Us team managed to get it in Odessa, two weeks after the start of sales. Sure, it was one of the first iPhone, introduced in Ukraine. It cost $600. It was quite expensive. And so, taking this expensive miracle of technology in my hands and I started to use, we found that… it is impossible to read the book.

We decided to do a service by which you can make.

So there was our first product called Readdle. From the word read – read.

The service was so good and cool that more than 60 thousand people downloaded it and started to use it. But then it was pure enthusiasm. We hadn’t originally planned to do on this business. Didn’t earn anything. We are not satisfied.

Fateful call from Cupertino and hard deadline from Apple

We started to think what to do. But any attempt to change something to earn some money for the development did not lead to success. So I decided to continue to update and improve the service so people liked him. And he liked it. Even Apple added the link to our service as a recommendation on your site.

One day the phone rang. The voice on the other side reported that representatives of Apple. Four months later they launched the App Store. And we were asked to add our service from day one. Was placed deadline to the app development.

The next three months were the most intense in our lives. Skype calls sometimes lasted for 24 hours. Encoded literally for days.

We compiled the app and sent to Apple in an hour before deadline. So, in 2008, the ReaddleDocs app from the company from Odessa became one of the first, included in Apple’s App Store.

Knowing this, sitting in my office (a four-room Khrushchev), we were happy.

The app in the App Store is a success for a developer?

A few weeks later we received the sales report. And I realized that money is not too much. ReaddleDocs was worth $15. It downloaded a few people (sometimes dozens) in a day. That is barely enough for basic needs.

But something really important happened.

Our application was not successful in terms of earnings. But it allowed us to direct yourself in the right direction. In a trend.

It is always important to keep track of where the market is moving and the world. No need to chase trends. But, by placing yourself in a new environment, you see new horizons.

We killed industry scanners

A year later came the iPhone 3GS. We analyzed it and realized that it is very good camera. Went to App Store and found two apps that allow you to scan documents with your smartphone. But they sucked.

So we created Scanner Pro. This is the app that blew up the market. And I am sure that almost killed the entire industry scanners. The app became # 1 in the business category in 25 countries. We tripled revenue.

Now, nine years later, going into the us App Store, you can see the Scanner Pro in the TOP 5 paid apps for business.

We copied everything, including:

  • Dropbox
  • Evernote
  • Apple

We asked a real trend high quality scanning on the iPhone.

The world in pink glasses, the main lesson, and pipeline applications

Inspired by this success, we were immersed in work. Released 40 products in the period from 2008 to 2014.

But here was made the main mistake. We stopped thinking about their customers. In business, it is important to focus not only on what you’re doing. The main thing – for anyone.

So we killed more than 32 projects. Of the 40 left only eight apps:

It was a hard lesson. But these lesions helped us to find ourselves. To decide who we are and what we want to do.

We realized that Readdle helps people:

  • to be more effective;
  • to be more productive;
  • to save time.

The company’s mission is to give people time.

The story of the business, care and attention

I am often in California on business. And noticed one very important detail that distinguishes us. Any business ideas are kept in strict confidence. All the Silicon valley is built on the fact that ideas need to be shared. The idea is not worth anything. Important is its implementation.

The key message – don’t be afraid to talk about their thoughts. At least with the target audience. Review each idea. Find 50-60 potential clients and talk with them about the product that you invented.

You will understand:

  • What are the main problems in your theme is the audience?
  • Whether you decide them?
  • How many people are willing to pay for this decision?

Releasing a big update for the mail client Spark, we were in the fog. No entrepreneur can know 100% what the solution’s going to work and what – not. But you can check.

We did

  • Hypothesis.
  • Verification and analysis.
  • Run.

Be careful. Improve your products, services.

All say: “Be customer centric”. But what is customer focus?

Is the concept of NPS – Net Promoter Score.

Mechanics are simple. You just ask the customers how much they are willing to recommend you to their friends and acquaintances from 1 to 10.

There is a formula. If on average you get a score of 6.5 is good. If less than 5 – there is a problem.

All great companies focus on the users:

  • Each presentation begins with Apple-level customer satisfaction. They have this figure is 98-99 %.
  • Amazon writes on the website: “Our mission is to create the most customer-oriented service.”
  • My friend bought a ring at Tiffany, and said he was going to propose. After some time he called the Manager and asked, “How are you? She said Yes?”

This stuff, takes only a few minutes. But doing so sets you apart from the competition is that you win the heart of audience.

30 % of customers Readdle bought our products on the recommendation of friends.

That’s what we use:

  • Responded to 130 thousand+ letters of reviews lately. Not all of them positive. But even negative attention – it is not indifference.
  • Store a table that recorded all the ideas and wishes of our clients. The most popular implement.
  • Independently ask questions of customers and interested in their opinion about new products and updates.

Once we wrote a Terry from Pennsylvania. He liked everything in the app Spark, but not enough to write letters in different fonts. We answered that we would accept it. Six months later he received a personal letter:

“Terry, Hello!

You asked us about the fonts in the app, Spark. We did it for you. Now you can write letters in different fonts. Here is the link for download. It’s free. Enjoy!

With love, Readdle”.

Can you imagine the face of Terry after this letter.