Why are hospitals still overflowing?

Why are hospitals still overflowing?


Emergency departments in hospitals across the province continue to be overflowing, an overload that can be explained by the resurgence of COVID-19 cases, but also by other reasons.

Nearly 27 patients had been waiting on a stretcher for 24 hours on Wednesday at the Anna-Laberge hospital in Châteauguay, and it is not the only hospital center experiencing such an overload.

< p>In addition to the marked increase in hospitalizations due to COVID-19, other respiratory viruses are circulating and infecting more Quebecers every day, leading to this situation in hospitals.

Accidents of the road have also returned to higher figures like those of 2019.

While the ridership rate usually decreases on weekends in the summer season, it only fell by 10% in recent months.

Currently, more than 6,500 health network employees are absent due to COVID-19, adding to this overload problem.