Why are our people leaving the Motherland ‘old’, and come to the United States ‘young and promising’: a personal experience

Why a resident of America in 40 or 50 years still feels young and plans for the future, and the Russian is already “live”? Not all people in the USA can understand this fact. This writes the author of the blog “Made in USA” on “Yandex.Zen”.

Почему наши люди уезжают с родины 'стариками', а приезжают в США 'молодыми и перспективными': личный опыт

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Hereinafter in the first person.

The aging process is not only physical but also mental. And each person approaches this in his age. As a rule, the process of “extinction” starts after the so-called “midlife crisis” when people understand that and have not achieved a lot of goals, and the strength to change something we just don’t have (though it is not). Add to that health problems, and you’ll understand.

The story of one immigrant

Somehow we communicated via Skype with a man who decided to leave the United States at the age of 38 years. It should be noted that in the homeland he was never able to build a career, and generally worked in the profession. Family he also to have failed, after being forced for years to care for her sick mother.

The local environment is beginning to literally put the man on the cross, believing that he will age a loser. Why, because “you’re not young anymore” and the family is still there. And the work changes every few years, never stopping. And it is here that the money the man did not complain, since his youth was enterprising.

In General, when he again resigned, we realized that there is already nothing, and decided to go to the United States. Six months later we contacted him on Skype and he said that he actually left Russia in the rank of “old”. But in the States it was treated as a young person you can safely choose your path and follow it. And this, according to the men, did to his self esteem something wonderful. Not surprising that life quickly began to improve, including the acquisition of the second half.

Why is this happening

The following applies to both men and women. The first in Russia generally live less well, ladies, we’re starting to record in “old woman” almost 30 years.

But in the States it does not age, and often people up to thirty years or even longer, don’t know what I want to do. While Americans are generally easy-going, and if they can’t do something in one place, they immediately begin to act in a different direction with no regrets of time lost and principle a La “I will beat my head against the wall.”

To this is added the fact that now the United States has become much more care of their health, focusing on nutrition and sports. Therefore, in 40, 50 and 60 years a person is saved energy for new achievements. And old he’s feeling no. Moreover — it so does not and society, condemning the absence of a family or a successful career.


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