Why are women harder to give up junk food

Italian scientists have found that the characteristics of the female brain is complicated by the refusal of junk food. Men control eating behavior a lot easier.

Почему женщинам труднее отказаться от вредной пищи

The experts found that in women the increase in body weight is directly related to the increase in brain metabolism in the orbital-frontal cortex. Also has a value and a link in the chains of the main organ of the Central nervous system that are directly related to the adoption of certain decisions. In the end, all this affects women’s ability to self-control, reducing her. So when women are faced with food, having bad character, even despite the absence of hunger they can’t resist.

Scientists emphasize that obesity is more typical for women than for men. Age or ethnicity do not play a role. Men themselves are able to more effectively restrict food intake. Ladies like a deterrent to control much more complicated.

While scientists, according to the publication “Current news” are based on research conducted with the involvement of older people. Now they plan to test their findings with the help of younger women, inclined to obesity. If all the results are confirmed, the experts will be able to find more effective solutions to fight obesity.