Why back pain: the most frequent complaints

The reasons due to which there is pain in the back can be lumbago, stiff neck, herniated disc or a pinched vertebra. Chronic back pain in turn, is separate and distinct disease.

Почему болит спина: самые частые жалобы

The theme is sick, they are becoming more and more important in daily life of modern people. The pain in the back are complaining today even young people: According to the German index of pain in 2018, this problem is faced half of adolescent girls aged 14 to 17 years and four out of ten boys of the same age.

Suffering from back pain usually complain on the pain in her bottom. On the occurrence of such pain is influenced by the muscles, tendons, fascia and ligaments that connect the sacroiliac joints with the spine.

“In the event of a malfunction of the reflex arc cause stress, inflammatory reactions in tendons and ligaments and therefore pain,” explains the Director of the clinic of rehabilitation and geriatrics at the hospital “Schwabing” in Munich Andreas Remer.

What disorders can be associated back pain? 80 percent of all cases of back pain is the phenomenon of so-called nonspecific pain that has no clear connection with any specific reasons. For example, prolonged discomfort may cause displacement or age-related wear of vertebral discs, the stress, and prolonged sitting. Doctors say that prolonged sitting is one of the main causes of herniated discs and protrusions.

Lumbago. For lumbalgia characteristic of suddenly arising pain in the lumbar, which is associated with obstruction of the vertebral joints and subsequent muscle tension. The person (usually when driving) suddenly there is pain between the lower costal arch and the buttocks, not penetrating into the foot.

Possible causes of this disorder: poor posture, improper lifting, worn spines, muscle weakness, cold.

Stiff neck. Uncomfortable sleeping place and the wrong pillow, drafts, computer work or a bad movement can lead to the phenomenon of stiff neck from muscle stiffness and poor mobility. This promotes bad posture and improper load on the muscles and joints of the back, and then pain in it.

Often, additional symptoms of problems in the cervical spine be dizziness, tinnitus, migrenepodobna headache or pain with head movements.

Sciatica. In case of this violation is felt sharp, acute pain arising from the lumbar to the legs. Sciatica is the inflammation of the sciatic nerve, which penetrates the roots of the sacral plexus, and branches lie between the muscles of the buttocks and thighs and go down the legs to the feet. With a strong inflammation of a nerve, the pain radiates to the thigh, knee, Shin, also can have the feeling of cotton, naughty legs up to their paralysis.

The herniated disc. Due to aging and improper loading of intervertebral discs lose elasticity and strength. If the fibrous shell is destroyed when exposed to unusual or excessive strain, the mass may put pressure on nerves in the spinal cord and cause pain.

Symptoms of a hernia is a very strong pain (increases with movement or weight lifting), restricted movement and muscle spasms. To hernia can occur in any part of the spine from neck to buttocks, but most often affects the lower lumbar spine.

A pinched vertebra. In this case the acute back pain caused by wrong movement or lifting a heavy object. Such a pain transformered into a dull and deep pain that increases during exercise and throughout the day, and dulled in the supine position. Cause this kind of pain are excessively tense the muscles of the back. The mobility of the spine in this case is very limited.

To protect against back pain it is important to avoid muscle imbalance, doctors stress. First, you need to regularly move, stretch shortened muscles, strengthen the muscles of the back and abdomen. In everyday life, experts recommend to frequently climb stairs, ride a Bicycle and to practice simple movements – for example, walking.