Why can’t I lose weight: 3 obvious but often make mistakes

Anyone who is overweight, sooner or later starts thinking about losing weight. Someone manages to achieve the desired result, while others stop halfway and I can not throw off those extra pounds. Why can’t you lose weight? The three most common though and obvious errors reveals MedikForum.

Почему я не могу похудеть: 3 очевидные, но часто допускаемые ошибки

Mistake # 1: diet

We all know that nutrition plays a huge role in the formation of figures of dreams. But sometimes losing weight choose the wrong approach. Namely diet. Many believe that limiting the consumption of certain foods, strong cuts calorie diet will lose weight. And this is true, but only for a short period. The beauty of the diet finishes exactly at the time when the diet stops.
Rigid diets require a lot of willpower. And having sat out the allotted time on this diet, the lost pounds come back again. To continue to diet means to put your body in stress. It is better in any case not to make this mistake and not to go on a diet. Yes, proper and balanced diet longer leads to the desired result. But at the same time it will help to lose weight more efficiently.

Mistake # 2: sports

You can lose weight only with sport. For sure, so I think everyone who at least once took a gym membership and wanted to lose weight. But this is a mistake. Sport, of course, plays an important role. But even without it it is possible to attain your dream figure. But without power it does not carry any meaning. How many minutes you spent on the treadmill, no matter how much “molded” perfect press, no matter how much sweat at the gym, continuing there are a lot of incorrectly you will lose weight. We should not torture yourself sports, because the excess physical activity leads to the opposite result.

Mistake # 3: justification

Every losing weight at least once in your life come up with ridiculous reasons and excuses that can’t lose weight. Today’s stress, tomorrow is the birthday of a friend, and the next month all in the New year. Until you come up with reasons and excuses, of no quality losing weight can not be considered. Importantly in this situation to understand that it depends on you only your figure. Therefore, it is necessary to take courage and not to make all the above mistakes.