Why do I avoid travel in the Elevator with the Americans: the experience of Russian-speaking immigrant

Author channel American | Americano “Yandex.Zen” talks about one of the peculiarities of Americans, which lately it is very annoying. Hereinafter in the first person.

Почему я избегаю поездок в лифте с американцами: опыт русскоязычного иммигранта

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For understanding will tell a short story. I moved to the US a few years ago, the last time I rented an apartment, worked at home, in elevators almost did not go. Recently by coincidence I had to move to the office, which is located in the skyscraper of 80 floors, maybe more. And that my Department will go down to the cafeteria or to the Manager, have to travel in the Elevator, and a few times a day, from the first almost to the last floor.

It is here that I noticed a very annoying American trait before even considered a plus, but it is in the group, she appeared as something negative, repulsive. Now, seeing that the lift came with people, I often pretend that I forgot something important- and I depart from him until he leaves. I’ll tell you what it is.

Another shortcoming in the Treasury of the United States

The Americans considered the norm to have a friendly dialogue with the first comer, especially in the group of individuals when faced silence. Most often this happens in elevators!

It would seem, what’s wrong? I thought so. On the one hand, so you can make many friends, learn something new, after the Elevator conversation can continue on the buffet and turn into a friendly conversation. And in fact — in most cases it is, but…

There is one big “but”! If the answer you are reluctant to answer or even ignore the random conversation this is considered very rude, after this you begin to look like a ham! And me in the office to work: I don’t want the staff looked at me like I’m an enemy of the people, or rude! That is one way out — to keep the conversation going.

And again you may ask: what is the problem to talk a minute or two with a man, just do it. And I’ll tell you: I work in the IT field, the head is constantly loaded with information, and in the middle of the day I don’t have time to talk. They are misleading thoughts, and when leans fatigue, and does get on my nerves! But remember, just keep quiet I can’t, and I have against my will to maintain a dialogue.

Most often, this is manifested in the elevators, so now I try to avoid trips already loaded in the Elevator. Of course, the weekend is not so much hate, but here at work — very, very much!

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