Why do I get depressed

Scientists have found that in the human brain there are molecules that regulate anxiety and other negative emotions, causing depression.

Почему появляется депрессивное состояние

They are in small little-studied part of the brain called habenula. She meets including the sensation of pain, response to stress, and also for the alternation of sleep and wakefulness.

It turned out that the membranes of her cells accumulate buds unusual varieties that scientists conventionally identified as GluN1/GluN3A.

Exactly the same and there in mice. Experiments in rodents have shown that removal or inhibition of these receptors reduced they stress and increased activity.

The discovery of these molecules, according to researchers, will allow to create more effective antidepressants. They noted that existing drugs often produce side effects, because it has an impact on the functioning of the brain as a whole.