Why do I get hiccups and how to get rid of it

Hiccup is able to catch you by surprise, and not a very convenient time. There are many ways to overcome hiccups.

Почему появляется икота и как от нее избавиться

Stress, hypothermia, overeating or abuse of alcohol can cause involuntary contractions of the diaphragm.

To put pressure on the tongue

Touch your fingers to the base of the tongue as if trying to induce vomiting. Esophageal spasm will stop reduction in aperture. Unpleasant but effective.

Eat something unusual

Put into the language of the slice of lemon and swallow a spoonful of sugar, lick the salt: a sudden ingestion of a product with a sharp taste (sour, bitter, sweet, salty) will provoke the secretion of gastric juice and distract the body from the hiccups. The validity of the method has been repeatedly confirmed by scientists, but the mechanism is not fully understood.

Drink water while holding ears

The method is simple and accessible, and doctors proving its effectiveness over and over again for nearly 40 years. Take a large glass (400 ml) of cold water, throw in a tube and put on the table (or give to a friend to hold). Fingers in your ears so to not hear anything, and slowly drink all the water through a straw. By the end of the procedure the hiccups will be gone — so tell us, scientists and practicing doctors.