Why do I have a supply of dishwasher capsules, and I do not have a dishwasher and I will not buy it

When I replaced everything I managed to wash with one capsule, the weight scared me a bit.

 Why do I have a supply of dishwasher capsules and I don't have a dishwasher and I won't buy it

First of all, oddly enough, I washed all the dishes. It turned out that I had not heard the sound of clean dishes in a long time. You can listen to it squeak all day long!

The kettle in the kitchen is next to the stove, so grease is constantly splashing on it, I rub with cleaning agents all the time and the greasy coating on black plastic is annoying.

The oven can be called the b & oacute; lem of all housewives. Only once did I clean the glass. I just cooked vegan butter and then put the meat on roasting and it was a complete mess.

I sprinkled it with the solution, rubbed it lightly with a sponge and was stunned! Glass shines with purity! P & oacute; s just outside, inside I haven't cleaned yet, because today I will wash everything, and tomorrow there will be nothing to do.

We have an eternal problem with pans. My favorite Austrian pots, which have served me faithfully for 20 years, always have stains that I can't wash for even 10 minutes.

Kettle filter I haven't tried for a long time wash thoroughly, because this work was in vain. Yes, I didn't want to, but I accidentally wiped the kettle with a sponge and he took it and it got clean right away!

And recently I tried to clean the facades, apron, stove and tap. I just poured the solution over it, wiped it with a cloth and was amazed – how smooth the handles on the facades became, how the stove and everything else shone!

And that's not all! The floor next to the stove is constantly splashed with steak fat, also washed. Washes very quickly and easily, just wipe twice with a cloth.