Why do people immigrate to the United States: the explanation on the example of the waffle iron

“Each year in the United States for permanent residence moved in on average half a million people. More than a million people every year come on tourist visas and not all the people return to their countries,” writes the author of the blog “the Alphabet of the immigrant” at “Yandex.Zen”.

Почему люди иммигрируют в США: объяснение на примере вафельницы

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Further, from the first day.

Many people illegally stay in the US, looking for illegal work, in the best case, turn to the lawyers, to somehow legalize their status. Why all this? Do they in their countries a bad thing?

In a situation with countries such as Venezuela, everything is clear. I spoke with immigrants from there who have told that their monthly salary is approximately $4-5 per month. Do you have any idea how much that is? $4-5 per month. Beginning to believe that after repeated several times. Well, everything is clear. Why then leave Russia?

The publication of “the Draft” published a study according to which Russia in 2017 left 377 thousand people, more than double compared to 2012. At the same time most Russian citizens moved to Germany, USA and Israel.

According to the UN, Russia is in third place in the number of people who have fled their country (after India and Mexico).

The reasons for this are:

  • search of better living conditions;
  • the unstable situation in the country;
  • the desire to provide children with a decent and secure future.

This is the most frequent answers of the respondents. Most immigrants are young people from 20 to 34 years. Moreover, 22% of them have higher education or even a degree. Here’s a “brain drain”.

I will not comment on the unstable situation in the country, personally I’m not touched, but the conditions of life is fundamentally important. Give you an example … a waffle iron. Now everyone will understand.

I bought a waffle iron-grill De’longhi for $59,97 on Amazon.

Exactly the same on the website of M-Video is 5 990 rubles ($87).

And now let’s compare the price of this device relative wages. The average salary in Russia is 43 thousand rubles (about $ 625) per month. Don’t throw tomatoes at me, I understand that is the average temperature in the hospital, and many receive on 15 thousand ($218). It all for example. It turns out that this waffle maker is worth approximately 15% of the salary of the person who earns the 43 thousand rubles, and a third of the salary of the one who earns 15 Grand.

And now let’s compare its price with the minimum wage in the United States. For example, the new York state minimum wage is $15 an hour, which gives us an 8-hour day $2 400 per month. And this waffle iron will be 2% of income. There is a difference of 2% or 15%? And this trend in everything: in technology, clothes, shoes.

In the US, even minimum wage can afford much more. And most importantly, you can save money and not live paycheck to paycheck. However, many immigrants can afford to send money to their relatives in the homeland. If the person can’t earn in his own country, he does it in the other. Everything is logical.

I do not impose anything on anyone, this is just an example of how one and the same object is more expensive in Russia than in the US, with the huge difference in income. Elementary mathematics helps to explain why immigrants leave their countries in search of better living conditions.


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