Why do people on quarantine watch movies about disasters and how it affects the psyche

Why people watch disaster movies, especially now, during the pandemic coronavirus? The answer to this question tried to find the edition “Voice of America”

Для чего люди на карантине смотрят фильмы о катастрофах и как это влияет на психику

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“Epidemic”, “Contagion” and other films about disasters which the mankind carry a deadly disease, asteroids, zombies, record the number of hits on online TV.

For example, in 1995 for the film “Epidemic”. It tells about a virus that spread in a small California town, so that he is in isolation from the rest of the world.

At this time, the film ranked first in the top ten most popular films on Netflix.

Since the production of films for COVID-19 is almost stopped, and the cinemas are closed on quarantine, people switched to watching movies online, and mainly watch disaster movies.

“Epidemic” is one of many films whose plot is based on a variety of doomsday scenarios. The picture keeps the viewer in suspense through fear and anxiety before the invisible enemy that is spreading through the city. That though as-that to protect themselves from the virus, people are hiding in their homes, at the time, how corrupt the military spread false information about the situation and are going to undermine the city to stop the spread of the virus.

Why disaster movies are so popular during the pandemic? Psychologist Carolyn Lauren associates it with the human fear to die. And with a deep sense of anxiety because of the awareness of people of their mortality. In her words, the disaster movies with a good ending to soothe the audience.

“This is an attempt to escape from reality, you can for a couple of hours be in a different reality, one that happens on the screen, and there is something exciting that makes the heart beat faster,” she says.

Disaster movies, like the film about the deadly virus “Contagion” (2011), allow the viewer to feel like scientists in a race against time fighting for the salvation of mankind.

Most of the films, which are based on a scenario of a pandemic, describe the events, which at times worse of what humanity is experiencing at the moment. It also gives the viewer a sense of relief, because in real life not so bad.

“Plague in Florence” — a silent movie, 1919, telling about the epidemic of “black death” in 1348. The genre of the film shows that people were interested in this subject in the era of silent cinema. Interestingly, a documentary about the plague in the middle Ages, appeared in the midst of the Spanish flu pandemic, when people have increased fear of death.

Movies about the zombie Apocalypse or a pandemic that destroys humanity, is not for everyone. Indeed, in a time of uncertainty, when people are faced with anxiety and helplessness, viewing such films can be too hard to overload the psyche.

At the same time it can help to beat concern. It’s like nightmares — they end when you Wake up and, realizing that it was just a dream, calm down. And at the end of the films usually show something good: a vaccine is found, humanity is saved.

If you are sure that you are watching this film will be relieved, we offer you some of the iconic paintings on the subject.

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