Why do some people brain large and others small

Different people’s brain may differ in volume and weight. For example, the brain of Turgenev weighed 2012 g, the brain of Anatole France — 1017 g.

Почему у одних людей мозг большой, а у других – маленький

Moreover, in different people the average weight of the brain is also different. It is already proven that the mental capacity of brain size independent.

But whence arises this difference? Scientists of the National Institute of mental health, USA in her study found that differ in the amount of some fixed region, writes science.sciencemag.org.

The researchers analyzed the structure of the brain 3,000 people. As a result, they came to the conclusion that in large enhanced brain areas responsible for the collection and processing of information received from other departments. But the region responsible for motor activity, emotion, and touch sensation in different people differ in size slightly.

Interestingly, this corresponds to the evolution of the human brain. In the course of evolution, first developed as those areas that are responsible for the function of the “analytical center.”