Why dogs behave this way. The vet explains the reasons

Should dogs eat grass concern their owners? There is an answer to this question.

Why dogs behave this way? B. The vet explains the reasons

Portal & ldquo; Wirtualna Polska & rdquo; described a topic important to pet owners about their certain behavior. It happens that dogs eat grass, which sometimes makes you fear that they have something to do.

But are there any reasons to be concerned?

The expert explains that there is therefore no need to rush to the vet clinic right away. This type of behavior has a completely different background. In many cases, dogs just like the grass.

& ldquo; During the summer months our dogs actually enjoy our grass, so they often eat it simply because they like it & rdquo; & ndash; explains Dr. Linda Simon.

There is no need to worry because it doesn't give them a lot of food and with regular deworming it won't hurt at all.

However, it also happens that dogs eat grass when they feel nauseous due to excess stomach acid. Eating the stalks may cause vomiting, which will help your pet feel better.

 Why dogs behave this way & oacute; b. The vet explains the reasons

There is however & ldquo; but & rdquo;

Dog owners, however, must be careful not to let them consume grass sprayed with any fertilizers, pesticides or herbicides. Remnants of worms or snails, which can infect with parasites, can also be harmful.

If the dog eats too much grass or is ill regularly or shows other signs of a health problem, it is better to be safe than sorry. contact a veterinarian.

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