Why Dua Lipa deleted all photos from instagram with 34 million subscribers?

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Почему Дуа Липа удалила все фото из инстаграма с 34 миллионами подписчиков?

A few weeks ago Dua Lipa beginning “preparatory work” for the premiere of the new album. First popular, the singer has strongly changed the hair color being blonde. Then removed the picture from the profile, And now got rid of all the photos in the account! (But maybe temporarily they all achieved). But for the life of idol was watched by nearly 35 million subscribers. “The new era. Thank you for your patience. I’ll see you soon. #DL2”. I wrote it in one of his recent posts.

Dua is not the first major artist who has done such a thing: Miley Cyrus, Justin Bieber, Taylor swift are just some musicians who got rid of all my publications to begin a new era. Therefore, according to the experience of her colleagues, waiting for the release of a new single and a new stage in the career of Linden is very long.