Why in the cold in any case can not walk around with bare ankles

Cuffed or cropped pants are now in Vogue. However wearing them in the cold season can cause the development of serious diseases, say doctors.

Почему в холода ни в коем случае нельзя ходить с голыми щиколотками

First of all, the body is supercooled. Besides bare ankles in the cold can cause problems with the ankle joint, there is inflammation, and this is leading to arthrosis.

Physicians are constantly being told that the feet should be warm. Walking with bare ankles in the winter can lead to poor circulation of lymphatic drainage in the legs.

— If lymph flow is disrupted, then, of course, we have a very suffers from the immune system. Violation of microcirculation — one, an impaired immune system or two, hypothermia and three — the experts.

Fashion short pants — European trend. However, in our country, very different climatic conditions that these clothes just don’t fit.

In any case, wearing short trousers in winter will lead to local hypothermia, but is a direct path to colds.