Why in the US, put out the unnecessary things and that you among them, find: the immigrant experience

In America there is a tradition once a year to make from home all the unnecessary things on the street and put them near his home, he writes the channel’s “ANTIQUARY” on “Yandex.Zen”.

Зачем в США выставляют на улицу ненужные вещи и что можно среди них найти: опыт иммигранта

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These things can pick up absolutely everyone, in most cases, all day come different poor people or just those who live on the street in tents (there not uncommon) and collect all the most necessary, and in the evening a huge truck takes, so let’s say “leftovers”, which then, most likely, will be exposed to the flea market and will be sold whole year.

It is a kind of free flea market where you can find a lot of things very interesting and maybe even valuable. Because, as a rule, things on the street endure not poor people.

Two years ago I was lucky enough to be on this “flea market”. Tell what they found interesting.

There are so many children’s toys. For example, I came across a children’s toy mower. Next in the box was the cleaner, which is in quite good condition. Well, classic American white chair, where without it, which like to sit outside neighbors and socialize.

Also a lot of computer and office chairs. They are almost near each house. Sofas, beds are also not uncommon.

Found a nice picture with the lighting, which is connected to the outlet. In fact, if I were in Russia, took would love to, but alas… to Drag a souvenir across the continent — not the best idea.

Of mobile phones: tablets, phones is not very much, probably, at that time, all have already discussed. And I just found a broken tablet, but working. But of computer components very much, they are in no hurry to take.

By the way, plenty of elektrogrile. Elektrogrili have at home absolutely everyone! We have a grill with barbecue, and they grilled steak.

And one of the most unusual finds of the day — awards whether for karate, whether in Taekwondo, I don’t know. But as a person, not a pity to give such treasures, obtained with sweat and blood?! Don’t understand… I would such things ever in my life to leave could not.

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