Why iPhone shuts down in cold weather and how to deal with it

Winter is a beautiful time of year, but not to the iPhone. The thermometer to drop below zero Celsius, they will start off on the street. The sad fact faced by users from year to year. Why is this happening and what to do about it, says “Lifehacker”.

Почему iPhone выключается на холоде и как с этим бороться

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The frosty air and iPhone are not compatible. The latter begins to relax, to slow down or sudden shut down. According to Apple, the optimum temperature for normal operation of the iPhone — from 0 to +35 °C (+32 to +95 F). Store in the off state is possible at temperatures from -20 to +45 °C (-4 to +113 F).

In fact, the iPhone starts acting weird at temperatures close to zero. The screen does not react on clicking, the smartphone loses network independently rebooted or shutdown.

Blame the lithium-ion batteries. In the cold ion batteries lose their properties, in the end, the internal resistance increases and capacity is lost. Lost, of course, temporary, but iPhone may turn off even having more than half the charge.

How to deal with it

1. Charge the iPhone to 100% before going out

Simple but effective advice. The more charged the battery the iPhone before the release, the longer it will last. Better before the frost charge it fully.

2. Place your smartphone in the case

To hide such a stylish thing, like iPhone X, in case not everyone likes. However, in winter it not only will save the smartphone from the meeting with the asphalt, but will not allow it to freeze.

3. Use headphones

Use in winter for communication headphones headset, so you don’t have to get a smartphone from a warm pocket. Best suited wired with no battery: it means that they will not be “blunt” in the cold.

4. Run heavy games

To Stoke the processor and not to cool the battery, run before going on the street some heavy app or game.

5. Do not use iPhone in the winter as Navigator

iPhone in the cold after a night the car is not very willing to work, so to use it as a Navigator in the winter is not desirable, otherwise it will turn off on the way to work. Also at this time of the year do not leave the iPhone in the car, even briefly.

6. Keep your iPhone closer to the body

Wear the iPhone it is better in the inside pocket, closer to him. If the smartphone is in the side pocket of a jacket or jeans, the more chances that it will freeze and turn off.

What to do if your iPhone froze and turned off

First take the smartphone into heat. IPhone warms gradually to avoid sudden temperature changes. To put the phone on the battery or to keep by the stove in the car, otherwise may cause condensation.

To rush to the charge is also not worth it, it only hurt the phone. Try to turn it on after 30-40 minutes. Involved? Cool. If not, and the screen hangs a charging icon, it means the battery is completely dead.

In winter, it is always better to have a external battery to recharge the mobile at any time.